January 3, 2024

Xmas Donation CIC

This year as part of our Christmas donation we decided to donate to a local charity called Community Integrated Care North West. We provided over 35 boxes of biscuits and chocolates to share around the homes for a nice surprise for Christmas.

Details of CIC business

In 2023, we celebrated our 35th anniversary – with Community Integrated Care being one of the original pioneers of the Care in the Community agenda, and growing to become one of Britain’s most innovative and successful care providers, our history not only marks an ongoing milestone for our charity but also for the social care sector.

Community Integrated Care was founded in 1988 by Dr David Robertson, with the vision of supporting people with care needs to move from institutional hospitals to living with independence in the community. David established our charity with the clear belief in social inclusion and the power of communities. The guiding principles with which David formed our charity will remain an indelible part of our organisational DNA, as we look forward to creating a new legacy of social change in the decades to come.

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