June 1, 2018

Spinning Fields

The £73m new commercial office development in Manchester at the hub of the Spinningfields development is the largest office building in Manchester.
The 24 storey Grade A office development has over 260,000 sq ft of space and floor plates of up to 25,000 sq ft. The building has been rated to BREEAM Excellent.
Eco-I delivered
Eco-I carried out the design, installation and commissioning of the integrated Building Energy Management System.
The central plant consisted of

  • LPHW Boilers
  • CHP
  • Chilled Water System
  • DHW System
  • MCW Systems

The office areas consisted of EC fan coil units which where provided with local BMS controllers which controlled the fan speed and PIC valves on demand using demand bases software. All fan coil units where networked to the integrated head end.
The BMS software is commissioned using full demand-based controls which utilising all the demand signals from the building to provide optimised performance of the central plant. The BMS adjusts the temperature and pressure setpoints of the central plant to provide an efficient and optimised system.
The building was provided with an integrated head end PC which connected the BMS, Fire Alarm, Smoke Extract and Car Park system using high level communications.
Eco-I bespoke COM-QR asset management tagging and software was deployed across the BMS and all mechanical equipment. This system of provides the client with smart phone and tablet access to all information relating to all BMS items and mechanical plant whilst standing at the plant. The COM-QR system offers access to data sheet, wiring details, commissioning sheets and maintenance reports for each item.