June 1, 2018

Mast Group Liverpool

Mast is an independent world class manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products for clinical, industrial and veterinary testing.

The parent company, Mast Group Ltd., has corporate headquarters in Bootle near Liverpool, UK. Mast also has Subsidiary companies in Reinfeld, Germany (Mast Diagnostica GmbH) and Amiens, France (Mast Diagnostic).

Manufacturing of the core range of microbiology products takes place in Bootle while other infectious disease and autoimmune diagnostics, using a variety of technologies, are produced in Reinfeld.

Eco-I delivered

Eco-I provided a state of the art BMS to control and manage the central air handling unit, VAV Controls using close control pressure monitoring, AC Plant, DHW Plant and LPHW. Local pressure indication panels where provided in the close control areas to indicate to staff is the rooms where within the correct conditions.

The system is interrogated using a local display panel on the control panel fascia. This is the 3rd Siemens project the client has delivered and with future growth plans the Siemens system can be easily expanded into a site wide BMS.

Eco-I bespoke COM-QR asset management tagging and software was deployed across the BMS and all mechanical equipment. This system of provides the client with smart phone and tablet access to all information relating to all BMS items and mechanical plant whilst standing at the plant. The COM-QR system offers access to data sheet, wiring details, commissioning sheets and maintenance reports for each item.