March 13, 2019

Lawsons Quay Lancaster

Lawsons Quay offers ultra modern student accommodation with stunning views in the historic Lancaster.

Eco-I delivered

Eco-I provided the site wide BMS services for Low Pressure Hot Water (LPHW), Boosted Cold Water (BCWS) and Domestic Water Services (DHW).

Utilising a CHP supplemented with gas fired boilers the BMS controls and maintains temperatures to the site wide LPHW System which serves the various block DHW generation plant. Each block has been provided with dedicated BMS form 1 panels to provide ELV safety to the site maintenance team. Power to the plant has been derived from dedicated mechanical electrical boards which were designed and installed by eco-i. The BMS also monitors various meters to collect the data for off site analysis.

In addition to the meter consumption the BMS provides a leak detection software system between all blocks across the site.

A multi functional alarm panel is provided within the admin office to allow the site management team to respond to any failures across the blocks.

The system can be interrogated using the central display panel, WIFI or hardwired IP connection.