April 2, 2020

CRL Brighton

CRL Brighton is a new build seven-storey workspace building, which has a BREEAM Excellent rating. Geared towards small businesses and start-ups, the building provides a variety of flexible workspaces, as well as prototyping facilities, events spaces and a landscaped roof garden.

Eco-I provided the BEMS & dedicated metering system. The building services included Boosted Cold Water, VRF System, Central air handling unit (AHU), Local Heat recovery units, Variable Air Volume (VAV) Controls, Toilet fans and also a full metering system with billing features.

The building utilises VRF & VAV systems across the floor plates. The BMS controls and maintains temperatures & Co2 throughout the building. Local override controls are provided per zone for local extension periods to provide a flexible working environment.

The control panels were constructed to form 2 to provide power and controls to the plant.

A full head end PC suite has been provided including a full graphical interface to manage the building system.